Meeting held on 12-14 April 2011


Workshop Format & Topics

Workshop Format:

The workshop will include keynote and in-depth presentations to stimulate debate. This is a forum where experts share their own opinions and discuss state-of-the-art problems and issues. It is a place to encourage open communication between scientists and engineers. Participation is strictly limited to around 50 delegates. Invited speakers are selected by the organisers on the basis of their expertise in the topics. A special wine reception will be held on Monday evening at the cellar of the castle. An excursion and a banquet will be organised to facilitate networking of delegates and extend scientific discussion.


  • Fundamental understanding of molecular adsorption
  • The measurement of molecular adsorption: Techniques, data interpretation, comparability, accuracy, applicability
  • The measurement of molecular structure: An outline of the challenges, progress in measuring orientation and conformation
  • Imaging methods and spatially resolved analysis
  • Emerging methods
  • Industrial applications and needs